Feel it All!

Sunday, Sep 18, 2022 - Sunday, Sep 18, 2022
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Feel it ALL!

an experiential movement playshop

These past few years living through the pandemic have brought up a smorgasbord of feelings for me,

my family, and the whole world.

Who would have thought we'd literally have to survive a global pandemic for SO long,

devastating wildfires, vast and continued racial injustice,


SO ~ Many ~ Feelings...  What do we do with ALL these Feelings?

I don't know about you, but I don't FEEL like myself when I am in survival mode, or can't fully express how I feel.

That uncomfortable 'stuckness' where I just can't think or get the right words out of my mouth.

The feeling of being 'shut up' is the absolute worst.

Maybe I'm different, but I doubt it. I want to be able to feel everything.

I want the FULL human experience...most of the time, anyway.

And when my emotional realm is shut down, it affects every other area of my life - especially my health.

Like many, I wasn't surrounded by people who knew how to elegantly deal with,

name, or handle the full spectrum of emotions.

Have you ever heard of a "Feelings Expert"?

Maybe we could give Brene Brown that award after writing "Atlas of the Heart",

which is all about feelings, and is an amazing book.

However, I don't know of anyone else who would dare call themselves a feelings expert. Do you?

It is such a vast and important field to explore and I can't think of a better platform to explore feelings than on the dance floor.

You are personally invited to a ...

where we will playfully move our bodies  -  in a safe environment
and practice exploring a full range of feelings,
so we can embrace them, befriend them,
and expand our emotional literacy.

When all of our energy is bound up in survival mode, we miss out on a deep, rich, loving human experience.

When I am OPEN to feeling all my feelings...

  • I begin to feel a sense of belonging again after feeling isolated or alone
  • I make wiser choices about my nutrition and self-care habits
  • It is much easier to listen to others
  • My heart feels full and open
  • I'm more willing to be of service
  • My physical body functions more optimally
  • Fogginess in my brain goes away and my cognition improves
  • I sleep better
  • My mood increases and I am more optimistic
  • I can allow whole body LAUGHTER and feel JOY again


~ Movement is Medicine ~

This playshop is for you ...

  • If you feel like you have been cut off from your feelings over the last two years (or more)
  • If you feel like emotions are ruling your life
  • If you are afraid of some feelings
  • If you label some feelings good and some bad
  • If you purposely avoid feelings
  • If you change the subject in conversations because you don't want to feel
  • If you buffer with food, alcohol or drugs because you know these substances numb feelings 
  • If feeling just about anything produces fear in your body
  • If you haven't felt pure JOY in a while
  • If you can't muster up any feelings at all and numbness is normal
  • If you are super curious now about your emotional realm

We'd love to have you join us for this experiential movement playshop which will

reignite your vitality and stimulate new feelings of aliveness.

We can't wait to FEEL it ALL with you on the dance floor!


~ Vickie & Al



      DATE: Sunday, September 18, 2022

     TIME: 1:00-4:00pm PST

     LOCATION: Renaissance Ballroom

                          0234 SW Bancroft St, Portland, OR 97239

     COST: $60 - click on the REGISTER button OR pay via Venmo @Vickie-Saito to avoid fees
                 This event will be LIVE and ONLINE
                  online attendees will receive an email with a Zoom link

     QUESTIONS:  Email Vickie at [email protected]