Nia Masterclass & MELT Workshop

Sunday, Nov 11, 2018 - Sunday, Nov 11, 2018

Nia Masterclass and MELT Workshop

November 11 @ 11:00 am - 4:30 pm


with Allison Wright and Vickie Saito

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Join Vickie and Al, from Portland, OR for a wonderful day of Nia and MELT. They are teaching a 90 min. Nia Masterclass and/or a 2.5 hr introductory MELT Method workshop. The Nia class is from 11-12:30p and the MELT Workshop, 2-4:30p. Fine to attend one or both. Cost as follows: Both classes – $75, Nia only – $25, MELT only – $65.

The Nia Masterclass will be a fun, inspiring class and in the MELT workshop you’ll learn how to reduce pain, improve joint stability and calm your nervous system using MELT Method® techniques.

MELT is s simple self-care technique that works by rehydrating your connective tissue system and helping your body’s restore and repair mechanisms become dominant while you’re awake – something that normally happens during sleep.

You will learn:

• How the MELT Method can help you relieve stress, chronic pain, tension, headaches, insomnia and much more

• A variety of specialized techniques using the MELT Soft Roller and Hand /Foot Treatment balls

• How to achieve better alignment, movement, joint function and performance

• How to reduce inflammation and rebalance the regulators of your nervous system

MELT props are provided for use during workshop and are also available for purchase. If you own a MELT Soft Roller or MELT Balls, definitely bring them to the workshop!